Thursday, January 26, 2012


My favorite boy, my little brother Daniel, suggested that I do a post about cardigans. Why not? This coming from a kid who said the gray H&M cardigan I got for his birthday was too formal/metro/mature for him, but now wears it all the time. He just bought another navy blue one. Why? Most likely because the ladies love it and because his bros are trying to up their style.

*I may have overlooked style a little bit in order to use pictures of the cutest models on karmaloop. Whoops.

Sick print.

Just pair this with some high-top kicks (see previous post) and I'm yours.

Love the detailed pattern on this cardi.

Looking suave in a checkered blue shirt to match the light blue.

Not the most original look, but c'mon, look at that smile.

I like how they paired button down shirts and beanies with sweaters.

Not a cardigan.

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